1. How To Use

2. Cancelation

3. General

How To Use

1. How to apply gel polish

Step 1 File your nails to the desired shape
Step 2 Buff your nail surface
Step 3 Wipe and clean the surface of your nail using rubbing alcohol
Step 4 Apply base gel polish
Step 5 Place your hand under the LED/UV lamp for 30seconds
Step 6 Apply the gel polish of your choice
Step 7 Repeat step 5
Step 8 Apply top coat and repeat step 5 once again

2. How to remove gel polish

Step 1 File down the polish
Step 2 Fully soak the cotton ball with acetone and place them on your nail tip and wrap it with foil for 15 seconds
Step 3 Remove the foil and scrap off the color gel



1. Can I cancel my order?

Please contact us and we will do our best to assist you with canceling your order.


Q: Why THE GEL has thick formula compared to others?

    A: To protect our customers’ nails, now we try to produce non-toxic nail polish, so we do not use the organic solvent. Because of that, THE GEL has a slightly thick formula, but it         means you need only one coat. Since we do not have the organic solvent, THE GEL is sensitive to temperature. So make sure to store our polish at room temperature.

Q: Can I use LED lamp for curing?

    A: THE GEL is formulated for LED, but also work with UV lamps. If you are worried about exposing UV rays, but still want to have stunning nails, THE GEL is perfect for you.

Q: How can I become an ambassador? I want to work with you

    A: THE GEL is recruiting supporters once a month, so please check out our Instagram!   (@thegel_ny)

Q: What is syrup gel?

    A: THE GEL has 28 colors of syrup color gel polish. Create natural gradient nails by using our syrup gel. For semi-syrup gel, you can have full color if you apply two coats.

Q: Do you work with influencers?

    A: Yes. If you want to present your proposal contact us.

Q: Can I buy the polish in the Salon or Spa?

    A: Yes. Please call the location you would like to visit to check if they have the desired polish/es in stock.