Whats the difference between gel polish and regular polish?

Gel polish is used with LED/UV Light

How to apply gel polish

Step 1 File your nails to the desired shape
Step 2 Buff your nail surface
Step 3 Wipe and clean the surface of your nail using rubbing alcohol
Step 4 Apply base gel polish
Step 5 Place your hand under the LED/UV lamp for 30seconds
Step 6 Apply the gel polish of your choice
Step 7 Repeat step 5
Step 8 Apply top coat and repeat step 5 once again


How to remove gel polish

Step 1 File down the polish
Step 2 Fully soak the cotton ball with acetone and place them on your nail tip and wrap it with foil for 15 seconds
Step 3 Remove the foil and scrap off the color gel